What They Didn’t Tell You About Roommates

You’ve heard all about roommates, and probably experienced some semblance of a roommate fiasco yourself. Living with someone you didn’t grow up with is difficult, and never seamless. There are contests to see who will cave and take out the trash, races to the washing machine, and the countless cold showers are a huge perk. The dishes pile up, and someone else’s dryer sheet clinging to the inside of your pants is just a fact of life. But here’s what they didn’t tell you about roommates.

1. They’re like family.

Your roommates are the ones there with you as you navigate the phase between adolescence and adulthood; it’s not always necessarily because they want to be, but they signed a lease. So like family, they’re stuck with you. Of course the only difference is they can dump you after a year, and thankfully mine did not.

2. Dancing on the couch while playing the air guitar is perfectly acceptable…..when you’re not doing it alone.

But even if you are, rock on.

3. You have built-in homies.

Roommates are like friends that come over for a sleepover and never leave, so whether you’re having a twerk-off, eating dinner, or staring at the wall, you’re guaranteed to never do it alone.

And let’s face it, a solitary twerk-off is just sad.

4. They help you learn new things.

Like the fact that Pizza Hut will not, in fact, deliver to your bedroom window.
Or that putting cheese on toast and then sticking it into the toaster a) does not make a grilled cheese and b) will catch the toaster on fire. And in case you wondered, it will bruise if you sit on a rubbermaid lid and slide down the stairs.

5. They’re your constant.

Be it a breakup or a bad day, it’s nice to know that someone is always at the bottom of the stairs or right across the hall, and that feeling better is just a Gilmore Girls marathon away.

6. They ask you to turn the music up.

You would think playing “That’s My Kind of Night or “Uptown Funk” on repeat would make them want to take a fresh piece of salmon and slap you in the face, but the good ones will turn it up and dance with you like a crazy person.

7. You will never ever ever run out of eggs.

This is a phenomenon I still can’t completely explain except that everyone insists on buying their own carton of eggs, but no one really uses them.

8. They’re the buffer between that bad outfit and you walking out the door.

9. And they know way too much.

They know all about your bed head, strange habits, and the fact that last night you ate on the floor and listened to “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” three times in a row.

10. You’ve just made some of the best friends of your life.

And personally, I wouldn’t get rid of any of the bad if it meant I would lose so much good.


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