Dierks Bentley Held the Door for Me, and Other Realizations

A couple of weeks ago, I set foot onto now familiar cracked Nashville blacktop, pushed the door to my Prius shut with my hips, checked my lipstick, and climbed the metal stairs to Soundcheck.

Since this is the venue where all the big acts come to rehearse before they set out on tour, I anticipated running into a name or two on my visit. However, I was too focused on not crossing the threshold in my flower-printed wedges like a toddler wearing heels to notice I just thanked Dierks Bentley for holding the door for me.

And that moment when I smiled and met the eyes of this impossible stranger perfectly reflects my life this new year.

Yes, it’s been 2015 for 5 months now, but this year is still new for me in every sense of the word: new people, new towns, new jobs, new opportunities.

New experiences.

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.

And then I looked up.

And I’m here.

I dreamed, worked hard, and kept my head down,

Touched milestones and memories, made friends, and left my heart open-

in chance fairy dust would settle in and help it take flight, of course.

And it did.

I rang in the new year with an idea-

the words I write here for you-

thought happy thoughts,

closed my eyes,

and leapt.

And then I looked up.

I looked up into the eyes of this world that is the impossible stranger.

Every day of work, every lesson well or hard learned, every failure, mistake, struggle, trial, success, year, elation, hello, and goodbye…

…every wish I sent a dying star,

every moon that took my breath away,

every night I closed my eyes, dreamed, breathed,

and believed.

Every whispered prayer in the wings of this moment of hallelujah lead to the vibrant sliver of new life I found

when I looked up.


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