War Eagle One More Time

 Today, I left my house in Auburn for the last time. I was the last one out, and after my roommate pulled away I headed up the stairs to my room and laid down on the floor where my bed used to be. I wasn’t lonely, but I could feel that I was alone in our empty house. If ghosts are real, they’re a lot like the memories that swirled around my room this afternoon. I watched my stories from the past year play themselves out for me one more time, and I didn’t cry. When I told a friend that I was lying on the floor listening to Yellow Brick Road and that I was both happy and sad, he reminded me of something,
“Think of the steps you’ve had to take to get to where you can sit on the floor of your empty apartment and listen to Yellow Brick Road. Think of what you had to do to get here.”
And I did. Auburn, you let me love and live my dream and lent me new ones. I’m thankful for the past and hopeful for the future because I have both and I am so, so lucky. 
Thank you for the memories, Auburn, and the future you prepared me for. 
War Eagle.



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