200 Words on Marriage, Weddings, and Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison headlines litter my newsfeed, but I haven’t given it much more thought until now. As a 23 year old single girl, I don’t claim to be an expert on marriage. But I do know that I don’t want my future husband to wait until he meets me to be the person he needs to be for me.

A wedding is just another hectic, fantastical, insane 12 hour day and then you blink and it’s over. You blink and you don’t feel any more married than when you were 16 and turned 17. You blink and you’re the same person you were the day, week, month, and year before. Because I don’t care what the movies and magazines say. It isn’t magic, and real life fairytales don’t wear crystal crowns and glass slippers. Be who you want to be in the future, or be yourself now. But don’t force yourself to play a character you think you need to be for someone. Find yourself, find someone who works with that, and just be.

I don’t know why people choose to have affairs. But I do think we need to understand more about marriage, and less about its ceremonial 12 hour haze.



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