You jump I jump, Jack

I spent the first two years of my college career at home in Mobile, AL afraid to jump. Every single day I thought about transferring to Auburn, and bless Erica Seymore’s heart for having the same conversation with me for months on end. Except for a brief internship at Disney World, I had up to this point spent my entire  life safe in my comfort zone at home. I’m independent, yes. But I worried. I worried about leaving my family. I worried if I would find a job (I did- thanks, Rusty). I worried about paying my bills and making rent. I worried about buying groceries (thanks, Daddy). I worried about roommates and finding a place to live, and I worried I would want to come back home.

But I prayed.

And I jumped.

Every single day I am thankful for that leap of faith that set my life in motion.

I don’t know where I’ll be this time next year, but I know whose hand I hold.

And with His leading mine,

I am not afraid to jump.

Is life uncertain? Always. Is it scary? Of course. Will God guide you through it? Absolutely.

The way I see it, you can play it safe, timidly dipping your toes in the pool. Or you can listen to your heart, close your eyes, hold your nose and grab onto your baggy swimsuit

And jump.

You jump I jump, Jack. 



  1. Love this. I think we can all look back on time in our lives where we had to make the decision to “jump” and you always hope that you jump and land on your feet, sometimes you don’t. However, as life goes I think we can look back and see how/why things worked out like they did.

    I’m so glad you took that jump and came to Auburn.

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