With our Without You (but really with you)


I am independent. Self motivated. A free spirit.

I have all but screamed this from my previous blog posts, basking in the glory of knowing I CAN.

I can move to a new city.

I can start my own business.

I can be self sufficient.

I can define myself for who I am and not who someone wants me to be.

But there is one thing I can’t do.

I can’t do it alone.


Last year I angrily stared out the window at my Auburn street. Crumpled pieces of paper  littered my carpet because they had defiantly missed the trash can; I was writing my first band article for a magazine, and I was stuck. My Mr. Miyagi  kindly but firmly told me, “RG, (his nickname for me) you know I like you but this is crap.”

And that conversation forever changed the nature of my writing and this blog.

And consequently, my life.

I like to be strong and capable. I will nail my curtain rods to the wall before I ask my dad to show me how to use a drill bit (see below). I will Google how to jumpstart my car before I call a boy or AAA.


But I acknowledge that really, I’m not doing any of this alone.

So if I’m fortunate enough to have you in my life, I’m begging you to change me.

Influence me. Challenge me. Help me.  Expect more from me than what I can give.

And I will.


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