For you, my friend. 

This is for you, my friend.

My friend who leaves the house every morning with wet hair, rainbow plaid and her favorite pair of shoes. This is for you, my friend who loves and loves and wants that boy to see her, to look at her, to love her first and for more than a bandaid on an ex.

This is for you who works that job and lives in that city that won’t let you forget. You sprinkle your thoughts through texts, notes on a page, and wake up for one more-one more day and you blink away the seconds wishing it would pass.

I love you, friend,for when you fight and when you lay it down, and it’s more than that- it’s always been more than that to see myself in someone outside my mirror. And we make it through.

Because your struggle- this fight for the will to live and not just survive, is the beating heart to the people who love you. People like me and I’m better because you are surviving and living and here.

You’re here around the corner and up that hill, and 500 miles away. You’re here in Germany and Auburn and my new home and I wonder when I close my eyes and think of you, do you think of me too?

Think of me when the first tear rolls down and pen hits the page. Think of me and all the others like me who are fighting because you’re fighting and breathing because the air is better sharing it with you.

Think of me.

And remember that you are beautiful- that life isn’t always what you want it to be, but you are here on this crazy, wonderful planet and I get to know you-a happy twist of fate.

This is for you, my friend, who hopes that this world can be all that you want, and I pray that it is, but when time and fate and life let you down- I’m here. And we’re here together and that’s enough for me to be stardust with you in this great big minuscule piece of our galaxy.


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