Dear Brave Wanderer

Dear Brave Wanderer,

By now you’re noticing your life doesn’t look like ones around you. You’re a coffee shop thinker, daydreamer, and for all your attempts at love, tonight you sit alone under the stars.

I can’t promise, but I don’t think it will always be this way.

God made your beautiful, restless soul for something wonderful, and you may cross an unmapped heaved on earth to get there.


New adventures are a side effect of your goodbyes, Courageous One.

I know your heart screams for love, but wrap your arms around it.

You may be alone, but you’re not broken

or lost

or anywhere other than exactly where you’re supposed to be.

God knows your heart,

your brave heart

and he’s planned this grand adventure just for you.

So take care to hold his hand across your chest

and know that even when it hurts,

you’re okay.

Dear Brave Wanderer,

You have no idea what’s ahead.

But I can promise it’s amazing.

I know that right now, you’re sitting on the floor alone wondering why he doesn’t call-the one that could make  your pieces fall into place. But you’re completely whole, Brave Wanderer. And there’s somewhere you need to be.

The forgotten hopefuls chase your flame

and collect your embers, Fierce One.

You’re a hundred fireflies they can’t hold in a jar.

And that boy-

that boy that’s coming your way-

you’ll love him a hundred days

and wish a hundred more

to feel it in return.

“I adore her,” he confesses too late,

and you move along.

Your destiny isn’t waiting for you-

isn’t that boy

that job

that thing in that place-

it’s already here.

Your life is this adventure.

Happy Trails,

Brave Wanderer.


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