I fell flat on my face in a coffee shop.


Here I am, writing a nice, emotional and inspirational chapter for my book about personal mishaps and the grace of God when I decided I needed to use the bathroom. I still had a little bit more to go, so I waited a minute longer. It was a minute too long, apparently because by the time I stood up, my leg was asleep. This is a normal occurrence- legs fall asleep all the time. Yesterday my friend’s leg fell asleep because he sat too long on the toilet, and he strolled out of the bathroom just fine. That is the actual thing that I thought before standing up.

“Just start walking,” I told myself, “and it will tingle but you’ll be fine.”

Only, it didn’t tingle. I didn’t feel anything at all and apparently my brain was two steps ahead of my body because by the time I took the third one I was flat on my face beside the table of a nice looking boy with brown hair in a bun.

He was looking. Everyone was looking. All of our mouths hung open. My brain had by that time fallen two steps behind my body, so that I was the last one in the room to realize I was laying the floor.

When my brain finally did catch up, I stuck my hand out to the nice looking boy with brown hair in a bun,
“Will you help me?”

He pulled me up and I leaned against his table because I still couldn’t feel my leg and didn’t trust my body with task of walking.

“I’m just gonna stand here for a minute,” I said and then waved when I saw that everyone-literally everyone in that upstairs room of Portland Brew- was looking at me and announced, “I’m okay!”

I scooted around the nice looking boy with brown hair in a bun’s table and plopped down in the chair opposite him. “This is awkward.” I said because it was and I thought that maybe announcing it would make it better but it didn’t. He was sweet and told me a lie to make me feel better-that the same thing had just happened to him the other week.

The feeling finally started creeping down my leg and to my ankle, which hurt and I still had to use the bathroom so I announced to the room that I was going to go do that.

“Be careful,” he said.

He congratulated me when I made it back. I congratulated myself on not falling up or down the stairs.

And here we are, only marginally worse for the wear. For all the grace of God, I haven’t quite attained the physical part of it. 

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