The Day You Disappeared


Where did you go the day you disappeared?


It was a Saturday at 2, raining.

I sat on the ground under a gazebo in the park,


Holding a dog on a leash,

Not mine.

The pines created sprawling, slotted canopies for the birds and squirrels

Too optimistic to hide

Like me.


It rained.

And rained.

And rained.


Eventually it stopped


Leaving behind only drops that blew off the trees

with the wind.

Squirrels continued

their daily chores,

Gathering soggy acorns and

Drying them out or

Whatever it is squirrels do with wet acorns.

The birds left their cover for the sky.


I was feeling hungry,


And other,


things. And

Still, I waited.


But you never came, so I want to know, where did you go

That day you disappeared?

I heard stories that time was tough,

and you had left

this place.


if you’re like me,

You don’t give up so easily.


It could be,

If you’re like me,

you were lost in your head again,

Tangling yourself in a string of worry,


an imagination

you can’t control.


If you’re anything like me, you were captivated with

songs about

Beginning again and

you were enchanted

By that

With me

But frozen


To leave me waiting in the rain

For you

Like a sad,

Cliché Taylor Swift song.


I don’t know why

You left me at the park that day

Waiting for you

But if you’re anything

like me,

You were tired of

beginnings that end

And veiled

I love you’s

Hidden inside bottles of

Whiskey or

$2 beer.


If I could tell you anything

about that day,

It is that hope is a thing

With feathers

That turns to stone

And I am overdramatizing

This but

I’ll ask it anyway-

Why did you think it was okay to



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